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We realize that this normal type size goes against the current grain, but don't be scared. We're a friendly company who helps everyone from students to medium-sized enterprises. Let us give you some context.

​​Message Science is a global communications consultancy that specializes in distinctly separate domains: using scientific methods for creating and disseminating persuasive messages that change behavior. In addition to working for The Pentagon, The State Department, and other components of our national security establishments, we've provide first-rate conventional work: copywriting, proofreading, and editing, all at competitive prices for students.However, most of our work centers around our government work;: we created the persuasive messages, in collaboration with others, to create product that work.
On our traditional side of persuasive communications, we use traditional methods (e.g., surveys, focus groups, dial groups, and other well-worn, proven methods. On our more scientific side, we use the most cutting-edge methodologies, including fMRI brain mapping, EEG, eye tracking, subliminal analysis, latency analysis, and sentiment detection, administered by the finest practitioners in their fields, (See CV's later) These experts develop and validate persuasive messages in multiple media to ensure potent influence effects. Often we employ simultaneously multiple methods to ensure efficacy. And, of course, we also use our own proprietary methods.


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We have A-list teams comprised from fields ranging from anthropology to cognitive neuropsychology, and when necessary, we augment our teams by partnering with the finest practitioners in other fields to get the job done.

We're proud of our psychological operations work for our military, as well,some say ironically, to toiling our best efforts to elect progressive political candidates.We labor just as hard hleping member organizations and non-profit groups in their communications needs.

And please, if you're a student who made it this far reading all this, fear not. Google and find we offer among the most inexpensive copywriting and editing prices, sometimes doing our work pro bono. When we take on this work, we do so equality as the effort we provide to our big shot clients.

​​We were students once, too, and we employ fine students.We get tremendous satisfaction and pride working with students and doing our part to help them in their goals and putting out first-rate, affordable written products..​​

Please click around and use the menus and get to know us better. Or email us, call, or Skype with us so we can deal with any of your questions or concerns.  We're here to serve—everyone.